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Renting vs Buying an RV: What is Smarter?

May 16, 2015

written by: StogieBlues


The outdoors are always calling and so many people like to call the outdoors right back. However, if you consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast but the idea of sleeping on the cold ground doesn’t sound too appealing, than taking your dream adventure on the road renting a campervan in California just do the trick. Doesn’t the sound of combining that outdoor goodness with conveniences of home, such as a kitchen and a comfortable bed sound pretty darn great? You better believe it does. Thankfully, San Diego RV rental by owner can make that dream more than just sounding good, it can become a reality.


Still though, when it comes down to it, what is the better option, a San Jose rv rental for example, or making the commitment in buying it? The answer to that may not quite hit you at first, simply because you need to sift through the details. Some of those questions are this:


How much do you plan on using it?

Is there a proper place to store it?

What does your future travel endeavors require?


Below are some of those factors which will come in to play when deciding. There isn’t a question which may pose as more vital when you debate over renting or Buying one.


How Much Do You Plan on Using It?


The main question that you have to ask yourself is what are your priorities? How much will you be using it and would it really be worth it to purchase the RV as opposed to the occasional rental.


For most, there really isn’t a whole lot of sense in purchasing an RV because there simply isn’t a whole lot of point in such an investment that they can only use from time to time. Between family, work and other time consuming activities in life, it just wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense. Many individuals live in the colder, snowier climates that only enable them to take the RV out a limited number of times throughout the course of the year. Once you figure this pivotal topic then you can assess the situation better.

Is There a Proper Place to Store It?


The size of an RV can range from a length of 20-25 ft. This type of size will obviously not be a practical thing for the majority of households, it just would just put too much of a constraint in the driveway or even in the backyard. When this question arises, will you be able to provide any type of storage? If you are able to do that, how much of a damper will it put on your budget? The debate over this doesn’t really seem like too much of an undertaking but when you get down to the nitty gritty, it can be a process.


Renting Really Does Make the Most Sense


For those with the standard amount of responsibility, who are kept in check through economy and other common variables, a San Diego RV rental is the no brainer choice. When you and the family get that urge to trek out into the wilderness, you can simply rent and go for it without a care in the world. Buying poses an entirely different situation. Check out San Diego RV rental by owner to find out what options best fit your needs. The outdoors are still calling, are you ready?